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The Trailblazers of the Construction Industry

As Women’s History Month wraps up this week, we are highlighting trailblazers in the construction industry, who are making their mark and leaving behind a legacy of perseverance through adversity.

We interviewed 12 of these female phenoms, and while they cannot possibly represent all perspectives, their stories offer insight into what it was - and is - like to be a woman in the construction industry. 



Jessica Walitt
Estimator/Project Manager, Rainbow Waterproofing

“I was probably about 11 or 12 and I was building a card house in the living room and my mother walked in and said, ‘That’s really cool, you should be an architect’ and I guess that kind of piqued my interest,”

Fun Fact: Jessica started her career as an architect, and then moved into project management.





Barbara Figley
Outside Sales, D.M. Figley

"I don’t want to see the divisions, I want to see us as one in construction.”

Fun Fact: Barbara has spent nearly 40 years in construction.





Meredith Steuer
Operations, California Waterproofing

“Every day is exciting, it’s never repetitive, it’s fun working with people and helping people solve problems.”

Fun Fact: Meredith got her start with a tech startup before finding her passion working in the construction industry.





Gina Moore
Vice President, Delta Bay Waterproofing

“Prior to my husband and I starting this business back in the early ‘90s, I was a bookkeeper/secretary for a general contractor and then I went on to be a sales coordinator for a mechanical contractor.”





Iris Rivera
Assistant Project Manager, Rainbow Waterproofing

“I think as women, it’s really easy to stay in our boxes…But we all know that we are so capable and if you get there, what a great accomplishment it is for all of us. And we can really change the fabric of what it looks like, not just in construction, in any career.”





Jamie Benton
Senior Project Manager, Delta Bay Waterproofing

“I started here as the warehouse person and then I ended up being assistant to the owner. Then I became a project manager and then became a senior project manager."

Fun Fact: Jamie was a certified mechanic before coming on to the team at Delta Bay Waterproofing.





Kim Orr
Analytical Chemist, Tremco Sealants & Waterproofing

“The biggest catalyst is women recognizing who they are, being more comfortable with who they are, learning to stand up for themselves, and just understanding also that their talent will speak for itself.”





Claudia Lindsey
Inside Sales, D.M. Figley

“This was the early ‘70s…there was no such word as ‘sexism’. That existed but it didn’t have a label. And since it didn’t have a label, the behavior was completely unregulated…So you had to decide either to be offended every day and be paralyzed by that or let it roll off you and move on.”



Amy Woodard
Project Manager, Tremco Sealants & Waterproofing

“Be wide open to learning. And know that every time you learn something new and somebody helps you through that process and the kinder and more open you are to that knowledge, the more opportunities that will open up for you”

Fun Fact: Amy has a chemical engineering degree and worked in nuclear power before coming to the construction industry.




Allyson Digioia
Sales/Marketing, D.M. Figley

“I came in once my mom started to take over for my grandfather. He founded the company. So seeing that change was really cool…We’ve been able to bring a young and a female mindset into this industry and be disruptive in a positive way.”

Fun Fact: Allyson started her journey in real estate before joining the family waterproofing business.




Amy Pearce
Estimator/Project Manager, Kings Roofing

“We have a major shortage of young people in the trades so it’s definitely a plus if kids coming out of high school go into an apprenticeship program, learn, and work their way up.”

Fun Fact: Amy is the president of the Sacramento chapter of NAWIC- National Association of Women in Construction.




Joanne Roach (right)
Technical Sales Representative, Tremco Sealants & Waterproofing

“If you do what you love and it makes you smile, you’re on the right career path, so that’s why I’ve been here in the industry 19 years.”

Fun Fact: Joanne gives back to the community by participating in breast cancer walks and Habitat for Humanity events like Women Build



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