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Top 8 Takeaways of World of Concrete 2019

Wow, what a week. World of Concrete 2019 lived up to its promise to be “the premier event for the commercial concrete/masonry community!” Las Vegas was the backdrop for this week-long educational exhibition, bringing together the best of the best within the concrete, masonry, infrastructure, transportation, construction, and manufacturing industries.

Tremco Sealants had not exhibited at World of Concrete in many years and we are so glad that we had the opportunity to be present in 2019. Here are our top 8 takeaways:

1. Innovation

Increasing efficiency and improving safety were the focuses of the numerous technologies and product applications unveiled at World of Concrete.

Some of these solutions—such as 3D printing, state-of-the-art software, sustainable alternatives, and fast-curing products—will help our industry save time and money while securing higher quality outcomes.

Tremco Construction Presentation at World of Concrete

2. Education

From workshops, hands-on trainings, product demonstrations and presentations, World of Concrete 2019 had no shortage of opportunities to learn. In fact, there were an astounding 187 sessions on a variety of topics plus the chance for “craftsmen, technicians, supervisors, and inspectors to receive internationally recognized credentials”.

Our industries are changing rapidly so continuing education is not only important, but imperative to staying relevant and on top of the trends.

3. Networking Fuels our Industry

The show brought together individuals from parallel industries that don’t often overlap. World of Concrete 2019 was a great space to meet up with old friends and colleagues, while also making new connections. These relationships are the foundation of our businesses so the more we can learn from each other, the further forward we can drive the industry.

Construction Sales Conversation Between 2 People4. Collaboration Through Strategic Partnerships

Along similar lines, strategic partnerships can be formed and showcased through an event like World of Concrete. In-depth conversations can find our companies’ commonalities and a collaborative approach to offering our customers the best results.

For example, this year, Tremco unveiled their new monolithic expansion joint system while highlighting the concrete cutter, manufactured by SASE, that makes it possible. During the product demonstrations, a SASE representative was on-site to answer any questions about the machine. It was a great way to show how two companies could use their respective strengths to create a superior solution.

5. Show, Don't Tell

One of the biggest takeaways for us was seeing the live demonstrations of various products and machinery. Success in this industry comes from proper usage so it was both eye-catching and practical to see the applications needed to solve a particular problem.

Concrete polishing machines, brick laying solutions, Tremco’s expansion joint restoration, and even commercial trucks were revealed to showcase “better ways to get the job done”.

Waterproofing of Concrete Demonstration
6. International Perspectives Drives Us Forward

World of Concrete truly embodies its name, bringing together industry leaders from around the globe. We met individuals from across Australia, Latin and South America, Europe, and Asia.

This international and multi-lingual element is unique and united a diverse group of people to talk about their experiences in adjacent industries. Not only that, but it sparked new partnerships, expanded our understanding of different cultures, and helped us identify new markets that might benefit from our solutions.

7. Las Vegas is the Ideal Locale

Despite some chilly winds, Las Vegas was the perfect site for World of Concrete, combining distinct architecture with beautiful scenery. The Convention Center offered plenty of indoor and outdoor space for the show and an array of food and entertainment options for post-show recreation.

8. You Don’t Want to Miss World of Concrete 2020

It takes a lot of time and effort to participate in an event like World of Concrete, but to say that it was worth it would be an understatement. The event was refreshing, educational and engaging. We were reintroduced to the concrete and masonry community and received vital feedback on our new releases.

We look forward to World of Concrete 2020 to showcase our latest products and further connect and learn from other industry leaders.

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