Stucco Walls: Building for Tomorrow's World.

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The Tremco Sustainable Building Solutions Test Facility is currently busy assisting the Stucco Industry with testing various walls.

The team recently completed phase 1 water-testing of eight stucco wall assemblies constructed to investigate performances of two different weather-resistant barriers in four different stucco wall constructions.

These wall assemblies featured weather-resistant barriers of Grade-D building paper and Tremco's ExoAir® 230 fluid-applied air/water barrier which were constructed to incorporate provisions found in International Building Code Section 1403.2 under “Exceptions.”

Each assembly included an opening, a sill, a soffit, a control-joint and four penetrations.

In phase 1, the assemblies had stucco trim components and lath installed before spraying with water for one hour without pressure-differential to gather data toward developing a consensus standard for field testing.

Stucco has been installed before phase 2 water testing to be conducted in early August according to ASTM E331 at an elevated pressure-differential of 6.24 psf for a lengthened duration of two hours as provided in the same IBC Section 1403.2.

It is believed that no one has looked this closely before at performance nuances of different assemblies for standard and continuous insulation stucco wall constructions.

WJE in Emeryville, CA is planning on submitting a white paper to the industry on this testing.


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Glazing/Facade Testing


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