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Managing Connections: Roof-to-Wall

One of the most challenging joint connections is the roof to wall, especially when it comes to maintaining continuity throughout the entire building envelope.  In fact, callbacks related to leaky...


Picture Perfect Rainscreen System Builds in Efficiency, Aesthetics and Long-Term Performance

When products leave the Acrytec Panel Industries facility in Ontario, Canada, they leave in perfect condition.  To Acrytec customers, this means more than just individual panels that meet ASTM...

Glazing/Facade Testing

Fact or Fiction? Peel-and-Stick Membranes and Tapes are Effective Transitions

FICTION.  Peel-and-stick membranes and tapes are designed to be adhered to sound structural surfaces (non-moving). The material application requirements clearly state to not bridge across gaps and...

Glazing/Facade Testing

Innovative Technology making Curtain Wall Connections “Quicker, Easier and Cleaner”

The connections from a curtain wall to a block wall steel structure or wood structure used to be a multi-step process for Oakville Glass & Mirror Ltd. in Oakville, Ontario. It required priming the...

Glazing/Facade Testing

Managing Connections: Dynamic Floor and Wall Joints (movement mayhem)

Some of the most demanding connections within a building design are joints within floors and walls that must allow for building movement. These connections must be able to withstand maximum wind...

Glazing/Facade Testing

Soaring Multi-Family Construction Bringing Increased Demand for Quality of Life?

As the number of young adults (ages 20-34) rises with the children of baby boomers coming of age and the notion of home ownership not as appealing as it once was after the recent real estate...

Glazing/Facade Testing

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