Sealant Compatibility with Air Barrier, Deck Coating and Waterproofing? No Sweat!

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Dymonic 100.00_02_49_01.Still001Innovative urethane technology is now available to eliminate the problems that occur when incompatible sealants are used under air barriers, deck coatings and waterproofing.  In fact, one product can be used for all these applications – with warranted performance longer than standard urethanes at 10 years.

Within hours, using the wrong sealant can begin to compromise the integrity of a membrane. 

Having the wrong sealant is just as bad as having no sealant at all when it comes to water intrusion.  And, that is just the start of the problems. 

Unfortunately, if attention isn’t paid to the long-term moisture control system components and their compatibility, a single sealant may be installed at a job site in all joint openings and in conjunction with all types of air barriers, moisture barriers and self-adhered membranes and flashings.  

This can be a recipe for disaster. 

Loss of adhesion is only one of the issues that may arise.

Certain plasticizers commonly found in caulk and sealant may soften and liquefy the rubberized asphalt used in many of these building materials. Plasticizers in the sealant can migrate through a film and attack asphaltic layers or flow from flashings along the sealant bead onto adjacent materials.

Dymonic 100 Joint

Tremco’s Dymonic® 100 urethane technology allows it to be used under and over Tremco’s asphalt and acrylic-based air barriers as well as its urethane pedestrian or vehicular coatings and cold, fluid-applied waterproofing membranes. 

This takes the guesswork – and risk – out of product selection.  One versatile, high-performance sealant can be used for seams, at transitions, in joints and detail work around penetrations, screw heads and brick ties.

Glazing/Facade Waterproofing

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Dante Marimpietri is Technical Application Specialist at Tremco CS&W. He manages the technical and installation information of Tremco’s air barrier systems. He also manages product development teams, provides product training through on-site classes or webinars and performs forensic work to understand product limitations. In 2016 he traveled to Bogotá, Colombia to offer technical training to over 100 architects & consultants.

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