President Obama signs TSCA reform: Tremco Committed to Public Health

Posted on by Amy Woodard

June 22, 2016 marks a historic moment in the long journey for TSCA reform.  President Obama signed the bipartisan Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) overhaul into law.  This is the first major overhaul of toxic chemicals rules in 40 years.  In the signing ceremony, Obama praised both chemicals industry groups and environmentalists alike for finding consensus despite the usual differences of opinion.

The law aims to standardize on the national level what is currently a jumble of state rules governing our industry.  Support of the law has been largely due to the complexity of dealing with state regulations that don’t always line up with each other and sometimes are conflicting.

Tremco is dedicated to protecting public health and ensuring that the chemicals in our products are safe for their intended use.  We believe that the current efforts to reform TSCA brings us one step closer to ensuring this.  We have a long history of sustainable efforts at our plants, and in our products and will continue to develop high performing greener technology.

Amy Woodard

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Amy Woodard is Manager of Compliance and Project Management at Tremco CS&W. She is responsible for the oversight, engagement, communication and training of pending actions and potential impacts that the various local, regional, national and international regulatory and compliance agencies may have on Tremco’s business operations.

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