Partnering Provides Turnkey Solutions in Components-Driven Industry

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Improving performance of the building enclosure is critical.  Performance standards for buildings are being developed and implemented with higher standards for allowed air leakage, thermal performance and moisture protection, all of which are critical to the energy performance of our buildings, their operating costs and their longevity. 

Each enclosure, however, is a functional system of construction components.  Design-build teams are faced with a myriad of decisions and held responsible for the long-term consequences of performance when these components are brought together to comprise assemblies and ultimately the building enclosure.

To achieve successful and repeatable high-performance enclosures, the design-build team now must include building product manufacturers. 

To provide sustainable, best-in-class turnkey building solutions, Tremco has taken an unprecedented approach by reaching out to partner with others in our industry to address problematic design-construction issues. 

One of the first issues addressed was the problem of providing airtight, leak-free wall envelope assemblies in areas such as California, able to withstand dynamic movement without damage to the assembly. 

A Western Construction Consultant Association (WESTCON) study presented in 2009 at a symposium revealed that the majority of assemblies used in the industry failed to meet California building code. 

A team was assembled to investigate how the connection around the window and/or wall assembly within a stucco façade could be modified to improve leak-free performance. 

The result was a wall assembly that could ensure continuity and compatibility of performance layers between adjoining component/assemblies that could meet not only today’s stringent standards but those anticipated in the future as well.

Within the last year, collaboration among five of the industry’s most recognized and trusted names in the industry has been underway to introduce a proven, turnkey masonry wall cavity system that meets building codes for fire containment, air leakage, water penetration and thermal resistance. 

No one product on its own can provide the functional performance required for air barrier and moisture management.

Today, design professionals can access a growing portfolio of wall systems that are wholly functional and fully tested.  The challenge of meeting dynamic performance requirements no longer needs to be as daunting as it once was.

Mike Sebold

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Mike Sebold is the Team Lead of Tremco's Building Envelope Solutions Team, also known as BEST. His primary responsibility involves leading teams of technical integration and technology specialist in conjunction with knowledgeable local sales and site support to respond to challenges facing the industry today in the design and construction of the high-performance building.

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