Managing Connections: Window-to-Wall

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Connections throughout the building enclosure are key to the longevity of the structure and its structural components, energy consumption, indoor air quality and maintenance. While there are many connections which are critical, window-to-wall connections are where most problems occur. Just one small gap can lead to air and moisture infiltration.

During construction, on-site conditions can leave joints that are impossible to seal with a traditional sealant, foam or peel-and-stick membrane.  These materials are also incapable of providing a durable connection able to withstand dynamic movement. 

Connecting dissimilar materials such as curtain walls and various wall assemblies adds to the challenge, particularly since these are areas of dynamic movement and places where multiple installers generally are involved. 

Making connections to an air barrier system around anchors and support shims is even more difficult to achieve and sequencing is critical to the control of air and moisture infiltration.  To make matters worse, most manufacturers won’t warrant this connection.

At these connections, control is key.  Offering building envelope solutions from the foundation to the roof, Tremco Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing has developed and tested air and vapor barrier materials along with transition solutions for compatibility and long-term air and moisture protection when used as a comprehensive, turnkey window-wall solution. 

Where control is assured and all materials are supplied from a single source, risk can be eliminated and warranties provided.

Beyond protecting buildings from weather, moisture and air flow, the T3 Building Solutions developed by Tremco also provide a thermal transition from the window to the wall that traditional solutions cannot provide. 

Since thermal bridges contribute up to 15% to the heat loss in a traditional building, this additional dimension creates a new standard for building envelope protection. 

Tested, proven solutions range based on window type, project deliverables and construction method.  Tremco knowledgeable sales and technical services representatives work closely with the architectural community to review project details and requirements to ensure the most appropriate solution is utilized.



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