Innovative Technology making Curtain Wall Connections “Quicker, Easier and Cleaner”

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The connections from a curtain wall to a block wall steel structure or wood structure used to be a multi-step process for Oakville Glass & Mirror Ltd. in Oakville, Ontario. It required priming the wall and the peel-and-stick air barrier membrane before installation, adding time and labor to the project. 

On wood structures, the movement being experienced would also strain the connection, creating the potential for problems over time.  And for spans greater than 3/8”, the peel-and-stick couldn’t be used at all.

Today, our crew at Oakville Glass & Mirror just clean the frame properly and away we go.  We began using ExoAir® Duo Membrane on all our curtain wall systems and it’s resulting in a 50% time savings.  ExoAir Duo doesn’t require priming so there is less prep and mess. 

Made of tear-resistant, woven fabric embedded into a polyethylene copolymer with a large expansion pleat for variable joint sizes, it provides a breathable seal to prevent moisture from being trapped within structural elements while providing a weathertight external seal. 

It makes the connection a lot easier, quicker and cleaner while giving us the versatility we need for the various types of construction and gap sizes.

Tremco T3 Building Solutions available today for window-to-wall connections are giving us so much flexibility and the ability to control air leakage on projects from high-end residential to complex institutional projects.  On a project last year, we had a 7-meter-tall curtain wall with a 10 mm expansion/contraction rate.  Traditional connection solutions would have torn. 

Tremco’s Proglaze® ETA Engineered Transition Assembly was specified to provide the performance required.  Proglaze ETA controls air and water infiltration while allowing for vertical and horizontal movement from wind, expansion and contraction caused by fluctuations in humidity and temperature and from seismic forces.

Throughout our history, we have invested in training on new techniques and modern equipment to ensure the best results for our customers. 

These product solutions are meeting that objective while providing the added bonus of increased efficiencies for our business.

Author: Steve Ringler
CEO, Oakville Glass & Mirror Ltd.

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