Marcy Tyler

Marcy Tyler

Marcy Tyler has worked in the commercial construction market for more than 15 years. She is currently the Director of Building Science for Tremco Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing. email

5 Ways to Ensure a Watertight Roof-to-Wall Connection

One of the most challenging joint connections on the building enclosure is the roof to wall.  In fact, callbacks related to leaky roofs may not be a problem with the roof at all.  Oftentimes the...


7 Critical Factors to Choosing the Right Air Barrier

There are many potential causes of fa├žade leaks. Many have to do with air barrier product selection, improper installation and missed connections, resulting in gaps or voids in the enclosure....


Fact or Fiction? Peel-and-Stick Membranes are Effective Transitions

FICTION.  Peel-and-stick membranes and tapes are designed to be adhered to sound structural surfaces (non-moving). The material application requirements clearly state to not bridge across gaps and...



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