Ed Retzbach

Ed Retzbach

Ed Retzbach is the Senior Project Development Manager on the Building Envelope Solutions Team (BEST) at Tremco CS&W. His primary responsibility includes providing technical support to contractors, architects, engineers and consultants during design of building envelope protection systems. This includes assistance with system reviews, product selection, specifications, and quality assurance methods. email

Thermal Bridging: What are the Effects?


Thermal bridges are points in the building envelope where a difference in thermal energy transfer is perceptible, causing more thermal energy to flow from inside to outside. As a result, in a...


Five Factors Critical to Delivering Airtight and Watertight Building Enclosures

When a project goes out to bid or negotiate, drawings may be only about 50-60% complete.  Detailing may be indicated with intent. Yet, with any number of trades involved in these areas, how do...

Testing Waterproofing


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