Dante Marimpietri

Dante Marimpietri

Dante Marimpietri is Technical Application Specialist at Tremco CS&W. He manages the technical and installation information of Tremco’s air barrier systems. He also manages product development teams, provides product training through on-site classes or webinars and performs forensic work to understand product limitations. In 2016 he traveled to Bogotá, Colombia to offer technical training to over 100 architects & consultants. email

Sealant Compatibility with Air Barrier, Deck Coating and Waterproofing? No Sweat!

Innovative urethane technology is now available to eliminate the problems that occur when incompatible sealants are used under air barriers, deck coatings and waterproofing.  In fact, one product...

Glazing/Facade Waterproofing

Soaring Multi-Family Construction Bringing Increased Demand for Quality of Life?

As the number of young adults (ages 20-34) rises with the children of baby boomers coming of age and the notion of home ownership not as appealing as it once was after the recent real estate...

Glazing/Facade Testing


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