Multi Family Construction

Soaring Multi-Family Construction Bringing Increased Demand for Quality of Life?

We’ve all experienced it. You’re walking through an apartment or office building and you hear voices from the unit above you. Or worse yet, you smell someone’s burnt popcorn permeating the hallway. With dozens of residents doing their own thing, how do you ensure your structure is sound, odor, and waterproof from the onset of its construction?

In 2018, multi-family construction was up 8% to $95.1 billion. With this upward trend, builders are being charged with enhancing occupants’ living environments. These projects provide unique challenges to maintain airtightness, while ensuring each unit does not lose heated or cooled air to the others, wasting dollars as well as impacting occupant comfort. Here are two proven methods for minimizing the building challenges associated with multi-family construction.  

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